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Free Will / Freedom: An Article Exploring Choice in Life

Here is an article I have written on free will. I propose a philosophy and parallel it with other matters. Some of this comes from personal experience and is purely subjective with masses of grey area in between.

Embers of Memories

In the woods I hear sounds that don’t exist.

Memories of my childhood are re-lived.

I smell cannabis mixed with cigarette.

The faint sound of brain cells dying, and the sound of DNA being etched.

I see my life recollected, a residue of embers burning in my mind.

As smoke fills the woods. As my life burns behind.


By Delusi ©

I / We


I am turning into we.

I have to confer before I speak.

Our feelings are not mutual… yet I am turning out to be, the urges I don’t seek.

Perverse thoughts influencing me… and the voice continues.

Think before you speak. Think before you speak.

I speak what I don’t think.

I am turning into we.

By Delusi

In Control


It is possible to control your emotions. We all do that. It is also possible to be controlled by your emotions. We all do that too. We each have a range of emotions that we use regularly, habitually. It is remarkable how we keep ourselves in that range. Even if that range is…

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